Full Moon at MoonSwept Villa

Full Moon on St John is one of the most beautiful sites.  Watch the sailboats glide through the light of the Moon shining on the water.  Watch the moonlight on the water in the pool. The deck at MoonSwept Villa is the perfect spot on the bright nights, and on New Moon nights the stars make you feel like you can reach out and touch them.

Below you will find the Calendar to help you make your dates for an experience of these amazing night time views.

MoonSwept Villa
Awesome photo opportunities
Full Moon Calendar

Full Moon Calendar

Full Moon Calendar 2018

2018 Full Moon
St John Time

Monday January 1 22:25
Wednesday January 31 09:27
Thursday March 1 20:52
Saturday March 31 08:37
Sunday April 29 20:59
Tuesday May 29 10:20
Thursday June 28 00:54
Friday July 27 16:22
Sunday August 26 07:58
Monday September 24 22:54
Wednesday October 24 12:47
Friday November 23 01:41
Saturday December 22 13:50

Full Moon in Coral Bay, St John VI

MoonSwept Villa not only offers amazing views in the daylight, it is a perfect place to enjoy the stars  and offers photo opportunities for amazing full moon pictures. Lounge on the deck, or sit inside and look out the wall of windows in the Great Room.

Come to St. John and experience the full moon on the water.


msvstjohn@gmail.com or Call 917-836-6225